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Nearby Attractions

Hongdae Style Guesthouse is located in busy transportation hub, people coming and going near the Hongik Univ. Station (Exit #1) and nearby many stores, restaurants, bars, cafes, supermarket, and so on…

It takes 4 minutes from Hongik Univ. Station on foot and it is easy to access to go to a lot of hot spot in Hongdae!  Also, Hongdae Style is located in the middle of Seoul, so you can reach everywhere easily via subway and buses.

Pedestrian-Friendly Street


The Pedestrian-Friendly Street, as a landmark in the Hongik University area, is full of dynamism of the youth along with street performances by indie bands on the outdoor stage.

The red rectangular arch stands in front of the university’s School of Arts on the Pedestrian-Friendly Street, the street of youth. The outdoor stage is filled with various buckers’ performances on weekends at night. In addition, Tree Stage and Outdoor Plaza, which are surrounded by bars and restaurants, are frequented by workers and young people.

Gyeongui Line Forest Park

The closed railroad between Yongsan and Gajwa, which had been useless because of the establishment of the underground line for Gyeongui Line was transformed into the Gyeongui Line Forest Park. Having the nickname ‘Yeontral Park (Yeonnam-dong + Central Park)’, the entire area of the forest park is regarded as a popular tourist attraction. The Gyeongui Line Forest Trip offers the public the opportunity to listen to the interpretation of the history of Gyeongui Line, culture, and planted trees and flowers, free of charge.

Club Culture (Live Club Day)


As the Hongdae area’s representative cultural trend, Live Club Day, which is also a so-called club buffet festival that takes place the last Friday night of each month, allows people to enjoy various genres of music and performances in the clubs of the Hongik Univ. area without limit, using one ticket. In addition, Live Club Day is a party culture in which people who have common music preferences and lifestyles, share intimacy, information, and interests. Moreover, Club Culture is an alternative culture through which a new culture is planned, created, and communicated and a culture in which diversity coexists.

Hongtong Street & Dabok-gil


Hongtong street is located right on opposite side of ‘Like-to-walk’ street. Small but cute shops selling clothes and accessories are here. This is where Hongdae fashion starts.

The Hongdae area is packed with fashion boutiques with characteristic items. Dabok-gil Road is famous for the Korean hit drama Coffee Prince. The road stretches from Hongik Univ. Station Exit 4 up to the Sanwoolim Theater. Dabok-gil Road, lined with fashion shops with individual themes and items, attracts the public with its own charm.

DMC Promotion Center

Digital Media City (DMC), which is located in Sangam-dong, a gateway to Seoul's northwestern area, is a cutting-edge digital media entertainment cluster. 
DMC Promotion Center was established to introduce and promote the Digital Media City's projects. The center consists of the Promotion & Exhibition Hall, 3D Image Hall, Experience Hall, and Exhibition Halls 1 and 2 that display cultural and art works.

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